About Us

Founded in 2004, Grunerg has earned reputation based on values that represent a combination of trust, quality and reliability. Our goal is to provide world class products at the best value, characterized by high quality, long-life and functionality together with an excellent service. Simultaneously, we pay utmost attention to the sustainable development of the forest and its resources.

Grunerg offers a whole range of European logs with the focus on beech logs. We have storage, loading and processing facilities and warehouses geographically scattered around our forests in order to provide efficient service to our customers, from collection up to inspection and sorting. The short routes also result into cost advantages which are positively reflected in the sales prices.
Another area of the company’s product portfolio are wood products. We offer wider range of timber, glued panels and veneers. The process is controlled all through the chain, from tree sourcing to the finished product. All the products can be produced in several dimensions and qualities, as well as custom made according to customer specifications.

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we make sure that we deliver only the best. Product quality and consistency is our primary consideration whether it is careful materials selection or production. Furthermore, advanced production lines and technology, which correspond with European standards, are used in the manufacturing process.

Despite considerable production, good environmental practice has always been a main consideration for Grunerg. We constantly strive to maintain the beauty of our forests and we firmly believe in principle of renewable forestry. Our logs and material that is used to manufacture our products come from forests which are managed in sustainable manner, what is guaranteed FSC® certificates.

Grunerg has long-term experience in international trade, its law, regulations, logistics and all the other aspects. Our overseas branches guarantee effective solutions, exceptional after-sale service and enormous flexibility. Grunerg’s know how, professionalism and the trust placed on us by our clients have created the company’s world reputation and outstanding market share in the most demanding international markets. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, we are looking forward to deal with your inquiry efficiently and timely. Besides English, we have personnel who speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak.